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Peterson Field Guides / Reference Books

Medicinal Plants and Herbs Eastern and Central North America; Third Edition - $19.00

Mushrooms - $19.00

Edible Wild Plants Eastern / Central North America  - $17.00

Wildflowers Northeastern and Northcentral North America - $18.00

Rocks and Minerals - $18.00

Animal Tracks - $17.95

Charles Dobbins Books

Beaver & Otter Trapping - $12.00

Land Sets and Techniques - $12.00

Mink Trapping - $12.00

Hal Sullivan Books

Beaver 2000 - $12.00

Canine 2000 - $12.00

John Epler

All About Ginseng in the 21st Century - $12.00

Bob Gilman

Bear Tales & Trapline Trails - $24.95

Hats, Gloves, Etc.

Pingley's Professional Lures Hats - $16.95 each

Decals - $5.95


Gloves - Genuine Deer Skin - Soft and will last. 

Women's Sizes: Small - XL

Men's Sizes: Small - 3XL

Unlined - $15.00

Lined - $16.00



Lures John Pingley Developed as Duke & Jack Predator Control Lures Now Pingley's Professional Lures

K9 Gravey - A different type lure that an old ADC Trapper gave me; works on Bobcat, Coyote and Fox. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Special K9 - A unique blend of K9 Foods that will cause them to lick and chew; attracts Fox, Coyote, and Raccoon. Has to be shaken up as heavier ingredients settle to bottom. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Go4er - Rodent based, all season lure for Coyote and Fox; will also work for Bobcat.   $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Canine Primer - A unique food-based lure that will cause Coyotes and Fox to dig aggressively. $14.00/pint; $20.00/qt

Fancy Coyote - A Coyote gland lure that is different than most; developed while doing ADC work.  $7.00/1 oz

Whistle Blower - A unique curiosity lure; developed while trapping in the Rocky Mountains. Very limited in quantity as the ingredients are hard to get.  $7.00/1 oz

Ought 2 B Coyote - Curiosity lure in limited quantity as ingredients are hard to get; developed while doing ADC work. $7.00/1 oz.

Coon Squeezins - A food lure that will hold up in the weather. $15.00/pint

North Branch Rat - A gland lure with a food smell. $14.00/2 oz

South Branch Rat - A gland lure with a different smell. $14.00/2 oz

Old Buck Tooth - Beaver food lure; will stand up to wet weather. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Beaver Slapper - Castor based Beaver lure; thick and will stand up to wet weather. Art Scott of Ohio always said you slapped him.  $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Formerly Dirk Miller's High Plains Professional Lures Now Pingley's Professional Lures

Beaver Special 1822 - This fine lure will work at all types of sets, tangy and very alluring to all flat tails. $14.00 / 2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Bobcat Gland Call Lure - Some extra-strong-smelling cat glands with skunk musk added to really reach out and draw cats in from longer distance. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Cat Call - I really believe this is the finest call lure ever developed for the cats. Pleasant and penetrating, really makes them want to rub and work the set. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Perrrfect - A very unusual type of food call lure developed for situations where an individual has trouble stopping cats and working a set. Freezing temperatures or below will not affect the calling power of this stretcher filling lure. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Rufus - This Bobcat lure is carefully made with known cat calling ingredients, in addition to several very important musk and other cat enticers only known to those of us who have raised Bobcats. One of the musks in this lure was passed onto me by a friend shortly before his untimely death.  A must-use for those who know the value of having two lures at choice cat set locations. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Nor-West Special - This is great year-round scent if used right for Fox and  Coyote; also, an excellent Bobcat & Mt Lion lure. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz.; $80.00/pint

Coyote Gland - This lure contains lots of glands. An excellent lure you will not want to be without. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

High Plains Drifter - For all Predators. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

K-9 Elixir I - This lure has a fresh mouse base, creating a nice spicy mouse smell. Works well in dirt holes, trash mound type sets, and flat sets; also, a good warm weather scent that works great on Coyote, Fox, and Bobcat.  $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

K-9 Elixir II - This is a top-notch musky curiosity lure. It appeals to the predators' appetite. This is my #1 change-up lure. It works well on all types of sets and is an excellent lure to use when making double sets. Good for Coyote, Fox, and Bobcat. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

K-9 Pack - This is a tangy alluring type call lure that really makes Coyote and Fox dig and slobber. It works well on all flat sets and dirt hole sets. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

K-Scent - This is my main go to lure! It is good twelve months a year. It is especially designed for natural type sets (toilet, post, scratches, and markers). Improve your dirt hole sets by adding a small dab to the upper lip or backing. You can also use it to spice up your flat sets. An excellent lure for Coyote and Fox. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Last Step I - This is a rodent based scent, tailor-made for the dirt hole set. It is a very loud, long lasting paste lure for Coyote and Fox. It also works well on dry land Coon sets. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Last Step II - This is unique lure that is simply deadly on Coyote and predators. It is good on all types of sets. This is a deadly scent for the months of November, December and January. Use this lure with confidence on Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Wolf and Cougar. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Range Call - The main user of this scent is the U.S. Government. I do not recommend this product for inexperienced trappers! Due to the way I have to process this fine scent, it comes out stringy and is hard to handle. It is good on all types of sets for Coyote, Fox and Bobcat. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Maximum Call - This is a long-distance skunk call in a grease type base, for a long and slow release of pure skunk quill. This is an excellent lure for Bobcat and all predators. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Rocky Mountain Sable (Marten Lure) - This lure is carefully compounded and aged for the serious Marten trapper working elevations of 6000 feet and up. Loaded with proven ingredients and one unknown ingredient which result in impressive catches. Put up in an odorless grease type base to withstand the weather. $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Marten Lure Supreme - A deadly Marten lure, unlike other lures being used today. When used in conjunction with my Maximum Call, you will be impressed with the visit to catch ratio of this combination. Put up in an odorless grease type base to withstand any type of weather.  $14.00/2 oz; $24.00/4 oz; $80.00/pint

Wyoming Predator Bait - A triple meat base which took several years to perfect, field tested in the East and here in the West. When you open the jar - different - best describes this deadly predator bait. $15.00/pint


Bobcat Urine - $8.00/pint; $24.00 1/2 gal; $40.00/1 gal

Coyote Urine - $6.50/pint; $17.00 1/2 gal; $29.00/1 gal

Red Fox Urine - $6.50/pint; $17.00 1/2 gal; $29.00/1 gal

Davis Brand Lures

"No Mice-Just Coon" - A dog proof paste bait that comes in a caulking gun tube for easy application. When baiting dog proof traps. A sweet Salmon paste that mice can not carry off and coon can not resist - $9.00

Carmens Pros Choice - $7.00/1 oz; $24.00/4 oz

Canine Call - $7.00/1 oz; $24.00/4 oz

Hawbakers Willy Red - $7.00/1 oz

Hawbakers Marten Lure - $7.00/1 oz

Winklers Fox Food - $7.00/1 oz; $24.00/4 oz

Winklers Spotted Lightning - $7.00/1 oz; $24.00/4 oz

Dobbins Back Breaker - $7.50/1 oz; $25.00/4 oz

Dobbins Wood Chipper - $7.50/1 oz; $25.00/4 oz

Stretchers, Wedges and More


Wood Stretchers

Coyote - $13.95 each; $80.00/6; $130.00/dozen

Fox - $7.50 each; $42.00/6; $69.00/dozen

Mink Female - $3.40 each; $18.95/6; $32.00/dozen

Mink Male - $3.60 each; $21.00/6; $34.00/dozen

Mink X Large - $3.85 each; $21.50/6; $36.00/dozen

Muskrat - $4.50 each; $24.00/6; $49.00/dozen

River Otter Medium - $12.95 each; $75.00/6; $120.00/dozen

River Otter Large - $13.95 each; $80.00/6;  $130.00/dozen

Raccoon 7" - $8.00 each; $45.00/6; $75.00/dozen

Raccoon 8" - $8.50 each; $45.00/6; $80.00/dozen


Mink - $0.75 each; $4.50 / 6; $8.50 / dozen

Raccoon / Fox - $0.85 each; $4.85 / 6; $9.00 / dozen

Coyote / Otter - $0.90 each; $5.10 / 6; $9.60 / dozen

Trap Dye

Red Log Wood - $3.95 / 1 lb.

Black Log Wood - $10.95 / 1 lb.

Trap Wax - $3.50 / 1 lb.; $16.00 / 5 lb.; $30.00 / 10 lb.

Flake Wax - $26.95 / 10 lb.

Combs, Brushes, Etc.

Fur Combs - $9.95

Fur Brushes - $5.95

Push Pins, Aluminum Head - $6.95 / 100

Hardwood Fleshing Beams 6"x 48" - $31.00; 8" x 48" -  $34.00

Red Fleshing Apron (The longest lasting and best I have found) -  $7.95



Berkshire Disposable Stakes

Heavy Duty - $6.95 / dozen; $49.00 / 100

With 15" Cable - $14.00 / dozen

Disposable Stake Drivers - $6.00

Fur Handling Tools

Necker Fleshing Knife 600 (Top Seller) - $68.95

Pro Fleshing Knife 12" Single Edge - $17.95

Tail Strippers Plastic - $2.75

Tail Stripper Metal - $2.95

Tail Zippers - $3.95

Trapping Supplies

Heavy Duty S Hooks - 1/4" Round Stock x 1-1/2" Wide x 2-1/2" Long $0.70 each; $6.50/dozen; $53.00/100

Metal Sifters

Regular Metal Sifters - $7.95
Heavy Metal Sifter - $18.95
Aluminum Sifter - $28.95


ST2 - 2" x 22" handle - $11.75
ST3 - 3" x 22" handle - $11.95
Sod Buster Hammer 2# - $14.95
Sod Buster Hammer 3# - $19.95

Traps & Snares - Contact for Pricing

Due to high cost of inventory and limited space, I do not keep traps on hand - Order only.  All types of traps, snares & parts are available.

John Pingley's Background

I was born and raised in Jacksonburg, WV.  I began trapping at the age of 12, inspired by the stories of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.  This came in handy when we found that a fox was getting into the chicken coop.  Trapping has been a passion for me since the beginning.

I have 40+ years of experience trapping Coyotes, Beaver, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Muskrat, Mink, Pine Marten, River Otter, Bobcat, Nutria and Raccoon in 11 states - Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Vermont, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas and Virginia. I was employed from fall of 1997 to August 2007 with USDA Wildlife Service in West Virginia resolving Coyote depredation in livestock, Wildlife disease threats, and working on the Raccoon rabies program. I’ve done damage control trapping in Arkansas, Colorado, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wyoming.

I operate Duke & Jack Predator Control and John Pingley Farms which I started in 2007. After a life changing automobile accident in August 2011, with the blessing of the good lord, John Pingley Botanical and Furs was started in 2014, dealing in legal Medicinal Plants, Herbs and Furs. I have developed and used my own brand of lures for years (Duke & Jack Predator Control Lures).  In 2013, Neil Olson, who is a great friend, suggested I expand the marketing of my lures.  I began selling them to the public for the first time at the New England Trappers Weekend in 2014.  I now attend every year. 

I am a lifetime member of the NRA and WVTA (Past President).  I am also a member of the FTA, NTA, WV Farm Bureau and WV Cattleman’s Association.

I thank Dirk Miller for years of excellent products and service. Dirk’s lures have fascinated me for years.  Dirk gifted me a great honor to take over High Plains Professional Lures. I have some big shoes to fill.  

I am a well-known polite man who believes in providing only high-quality products and service.  

I am looking forward to serving everyone.

                                         John Pingley


Elnora Morgan Pingley

Elnora had a great love for the outdoors. Her outdoor activities included farming, raising a large vegetable garden from which she did home canning, flower gardening, hunting, fishing, trapping, primitive camping, and digging ginseng, goldenseal and other roots. She lived off the land and usually only went to the grocery store once a month for the bare necessities. 

She started hunting, trapping and fishing in West Virginia when she was in her early 50’s with her sons, John, Jerry and Perry. Along with the enjoyment, she did this so she could spend time with them. Later on, she hunted, fished and trapped with her grandsons, William, Eric and Casey. When she and her sons started trapping, she always helped put up the fur. She would make sure all the holes were sewed and the fur cleaned to look its best when selling it. She always wanted to know why some furs did not grade as well as others. No matter what grade of fur, she always made it look good.

In 1990, she started trapping in Colorado and Wyoming, where she trapped Red Fox, Raccoons, Beavers, Coyotes, Martens, Bobcats, Muskrats and Minks. In Wyoming, she trapped a Silver Fox and in Colorado, she trapped her first Bobcat, which she had mounted. She was always ready to go west in late September for the start of trapping season.  

Elnora attended both national and state trapping conventions. She camped at trapping conventions where she cooked breakfast and supper for family and sometimes as many as 30 friends. She always made sure there was enough fresh caught trout for one evening’s meal.

She also attended Neil Olson’s trapping conventions in Hughesville, Pennsylvania and the New England Trappers Weekend in Bethel, Maine. (Neil has a picture in his fur shed of Ma Pingley from the first year she attended). She enjoyed the seminars and talking about trapping with fellow trappers.  She bought the first two bottles of Beaver lure that Charlie Dobbins sold. She asked, “Does this work?” Charlie told her it did for him. That was the beginning of a great friendship. At the conventions, she could be found sitting at Charlie’s booth, talking about trapping.

Elnora was a member of the WVTA and NTA. She was very supportive of issues concerning hunting, trapping and farming because it was her way of life. She was always making phone calls and writing letters to legislators to support trapping laws.

Memorial donations can be made to:

Elnora Pingley Educational Memorial Fund

Furbearers Unlimited Inc.

2815 Washington Avenue

Bedford, Indiana 47421

All proceeds will be used for educational supplies and programs to support furbearer and trapper education.


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